Bari Backpackers o Santa Claus Apartment for Holyday is situated in the heart of the old town and cultural center of Bari - Arco San Pietro - where all the worshippers will be able to pay tribute to the Saint's altar placed close to the structure.
Arco San Pietro is an arterial street that reaches Piazza San Pietro where a flea market and one of the most ancient antique store are situated.
After taking only a few steps you can reach the Basilica of San Nicola, the Cathedral of San Sabino and the Castello Svevo as well as la Muraglia of Santa, situated in front of BB, a splendid work of architecture constructed in the Middle Ages that coasts all the Bari's seaside ...
In the old town it's possible to taste the traditional products typical for that wonderful land.

4 Arco San Pietro, Piazza San Pietro, 70122 Bari, Italia

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